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As of 2017, WeChat active users have reached 1 billion users. But how easy is it to run a public account?

Have you encountered the following confusion?

I really want to be a WeChat public account.

But won't do it!

Desperately want to suck powder

But can't suck!

Fans don’t convert

It's all zombie powder!


Once, they also had the same distress!


Obviously, in some new and fast-changing, non-professional new media operations, wise people are more willing to choose a professional third-party for brand development!

Some customers have answered this:

Looking for Wei Shang Interactive to do the WeChat operation for almost a year, this feeling is like

At the beginning of the year, you just bought one egg for the money, but by the end of the year, you had a whole farm!

5 reasons for brand selection

1. Professional operation team

Dedicated person, rich industry experience and success stories

2. Provide a fine plan

Comprehensive analysis of the public number, combined with the actual situation of the store, a fine operating plan.

3. Public number promotion

Through the promotion on the Internet, the customer is drained to the physical store, and the exposure of the store is increased, and the customer is really attracted.

4. One-stop service

From the application of the account to the promotion and operation of the store, we provide a one-stop service to easily create a store for you. It can not only become a free publicity platform for enterprises, but also establish a brand image and create influence.

5. Account security

The account is absolutely confidential and needs to be issued through authorization-scan code-verification.


Generation service process

Communication needs - Diagnosing the public number situation - Public positioning advice - Proposing - Optimized execution

Generation service content

First, WeChat function development

Custom menu: personalized custom development

Micro Activity: Merchant Marketing Service Module (Micro Group Buy + Scratch + Coupon + Lucky Big Turntable, etc.)

Micro Mall: Quickly create a personalized micro mall

Micro-scene: cover a wide range of industries, a wide variety of dynamic custom templates for you to choose from


Second, WeChat operation promotion

WeChat public account opening and certification (including overseas public number)

Brand positioning planning, establishing a unique selling point and image of the company

Micro-games: puzzles, tests, holiday games, etc.

Weshare interaction: I want to go to the headlines, fun test, sign the New Year, immediately answer the questions, eat the dice contest...

WeChat content operation: original text, corporate promotion, brand story....

Member Management: Group members to drill down on demand.

Regular feedback data report


Third, content operation

Graphic and creative (graphic creativity based on current events)

Copywriting (planning highlights according to customer needs)

H5 page design (H5 page design and planning according to customer requirements)

Typographic optimization (for the textual material provided by the customer to optimize the layout)

Image optimization (for the original layout material provided by the customer to optimize the layout)

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