How to make a real estate WeChat public account?



Let's take a look at the current status of real estate:

The sales office does real-time activities of the real estate, inserts game plug-ins in WeChat, and collects prizes from the sales office.

And now the status of the real estate WeChat public account:

Real estate information has been sent all the time, and occasionally doing activities, basically few people look at it,

The role played is very small, and fewer and fewer people watch.

It can be said that a real estate public account enterprise number is basically very poor, basically.

The successful real estate WeChat public account is the success of the public account when customers say yes.

What should I do? How can we make a real estate WeChat public account?

We have been operating for so long, but also have some experience.

To be a good public account, you must have these characteristics:

1. Need to really give customers what they want, to find topics that customers are interested in, to help customers solve practical problems.

2. Familiar with various tools and means of public account operation.

The tool thing is easy to solve. WeChat pays attention to the interaction of Weishang. Replying to the [toolkit] can get a collection of operating tools.

But the means is not clear.

As we all know, an excellent public account must be behind the operations and efforts of the three-two team.

If you are still new to operations? No public account operation experience? The company's human resources are limited?

It's really better to find an agent to operate the service, save time and effort, and get twice the result with half the effort.

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See how your peers do it?

Pay more attention to your peers, and it ’s always right to know this.

For example, for real estate, you can look at how the public accounts of Wanda, Evergrande, Country Garden, Excellence, etc. do.

It is said that these companies have invested a lot in WeChat service account operation every year.

In terms of reading volume, from the data of recent years, the single reading volume of each WeChat service number hovered between 30-1000.

Most real estate WeChat service accounts wander between rising and falling powder every day, so first you have to get used to it, and you have to adapt to it psychologically.

Then most of them will attract and quickly increase fans by following activities such as courtesy. But it is not ruled out that most fans have no ethics, and cancel attention after finishing things. . . .

Tips for you 1: Two key "functional services + content" operated by WeChat

It is not easy to retain customers through the content of the public account.

In this case, can we use our brains and make some effort in the public account service?

Is it possible to add some tools and plug-ins, such as "book a free viewing", "mortgage calculator", etc., to allow users to pay attention to your public account, it can really be used!

The spread of the function is actually very powerful. But if I want to make a breakthrough in this respect, I'm afraid I really need some money.

This is why the industry will say "function is the foundation, content is the soul".

Tips for you 2: Lottery gifts are feasible, but there must be rules and continuity

Activities such as sweepstakes and paying attention to gifts can undoubtedly attract fans very quickly. However, the loyalty of such fans is relatively low, and they often cancel the attention when they get the benefits.

Therefore, to do this kind of lottery activity needs to have continuity and periodicity, and regularly send some practical and fun gifts.

Every event must remind fans how long they will have the next round of activities to keep fans sticky.

Tips for you 3: Mainly focus on soft text, maintain strong readability, and achieve the purpose of disseminating the project while fun

Don't post content that users are tired of reading! Even if it is in the form of comics, the content that is readable but ubiquitous is still a permanent cure.

You can combine some real-time hotspots and Internet buzzwords to write some interesting soft articles.

For example, things like "if you have a circle of friends in the westward journey", it is also fun to achieve the purpose of spreading the project.

But such things have very high requirements on the operator's creative ability.

Tips for you 4: See through the secrets of people ’s heart forwarding, hype events, and mobilize the power of the entire circle of friends

For example, the marketing of the turtle event held by Vanke in Shenzhen before, detonated the circle of friends in the city.

At this time, Vanke's own service number will be further promoted, and it will undoubtedly be forwarded as an official statement in large numbers, which is a very good publicity for Vanke's own service number and project brand.

Another example is the marriage event of the salesperson before the bus station advertisement in Chengdu, which caused a sensation in the entire real estate circle, and the two-dimensional code given by its "marriage" is the WeChat service number of the building, and its propagation effect is self-evident.

Tips for you 5: Learn from the media number and get the best

The core of the high volume of WeChat articles in the media is: timely content, exclusive reports, gimmicks in titles, and readable value.

In summary, it is not so easy for an enterprise to make its own WeChat service account. If you want to stand out from the army of tens of millions of public accounts and obtain a certain commercial return, it is like a thousand troops crossing a single tree bridge. Without courage and firm attitude, he can only be submerged in the vast public sea.

If you want to use the public account to promote the services of your own company, you can leave a message to me to understand the next generation of operations.


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