What is the use of the mini portable UV disinfector?



Small body, big power
Mini Portable Ultraviolet Disinfector


Deep UV strong sterilization
Anytime, anywhere, anytime
No need to charge, just plug in your phone to use

Simple is not simple

2.jpgThis product is a deep purple LED lamp, not to direct the eyes,
And prolonged skin exposure


We have everything you want
Apple interface and Android Type-C interface


Use scenarios, plug and play
Steering wheel, gear lever, seat, can be eliminated

【go out for meal】
Rest assured after public tableware disinfection


Children's toys, pacifiers, childhood is not a problem

Circulation of banknotes and coins, killing without leaving a dead end

【Makeup Tools】
Makeup brush, eyebrow pencil, lipstick

【public toilet】
Are you still worried about the sanitary problems of public toilets

Keyboard, mouse, headset,
Return you a hygienic and safe electronic device

【Toothbrush · Shaver】
Care for your daily necessities

Deep ultraviolet strong sterilization 99.99%

6.jpgAnytime, anywhere, anytime
No need to charge, just plug in your phone to use

微信图片_20200426173955.jpgLipstick style, easy to carry
There are Apple and Android Type-C interfaces optional ~

Buyers and WeChat detailed inquiry: SZVS2013
The wholesale price is favorable, and the qualifications can be exported


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