How to make the brand frequently screen? How to quickly increase powder in a short time?




I don't know if you have found out that the circle of friends is often screened by some H5s. Even if it is played by the "bad" stalk, it still does not affect the rise of fans, how is this done?

Today, Wei Shangjun summed up the most common 3 types of brush screen H5 cases for the reference.

These three categories are mainly: answer test, skin dressing and big data behavior summary (there is a need to customize the development can contact Wei Shangjun, the budget is rich, the powder effect is touching)


Answer test class

A set of colorful test-testing class H5, as long as the creativity, copywriting, and visual work, but wherever the same is done, users are willing to contribute to share the forwarding volume.

Therefore, for the public, the higher the screen rate is the answer test class H5. Classic cases such as:

"Junger Psychology Personality Test" (Netease Cloud Music & Fifth Personality)

Straight male test, hot drama character test, workplace ability test, college entrance examination volume test

Straight male test, hot drama character test, workplace ability test, college entrance examination volume test

And testing of labels with personal names and identities, etc.


Skin dressing class

The skin is changed to face type H5, and there are one or two classic cases every year. It is more difficult to do such a H5, and there must be some technical support.

Such as ethnic face change, military photo, work permit, college entrance examination permit, marriage registration certificate, admission notice

WeChat avatar + Christmas hat, WeChat avatar + World Cup, WeChat avatar + national flag, etc.


Behavior data summary class

The behavior summary big data class H5 is applicable to the platform that can record the user's usage track.

Alipay bill

Netease Cloud Music Annual Songs

From the perspective of communication, users are more willing to spread the motivation of sharing, which can be roughly divided into two categories:


One is material benefits, such as red envelopes. Substance rewards such as gifts;


The other is spiritual interests such as emotions (presence, superiority, sense of accomplishment and security), cognition (a desire for new knowledge, new information), social interests (reflecting self-worth and professionalism).

So, why have you seen and played so many screens H5, still can't make a screen case? What are the skills that we can apply to? What are the elements of these cases? Let's take a look at the activities one by one:


The audience is not wide enough

If you want to make a burst of H5, then the audience of the selected audience should be wide enough. It is difficult to combine your products, brand tonality, values and other people with the masses.

Then the topic is the one we can focus on. Usually you can look at other people's home explosions H5, you can focus on how they broaden the coverage of the topic from the topic; what kind of topic is more interesting; which topics are more participatory and topical; how to choose in the topic Increase branding and more.


There is no topic on the topic, how is trust?

Find someone, something, a theory, a historical event, a holiday, a work, etc. for your H5 endorsement, so that users feel that the test results are true and reliable, not just edited.

We are naturally more interested in things that are familiar and trusting. The simplest and most rude way to build trust is to rely on brand power.

Just like Netease and People's Daily's H5, a screen shot may not be converted into brand power, but frequent brushing in a short period of time will inevitably lead to a sudden increase in Netease brand power.

Therefore, when you see the H5 of these brands, you will naturally have a sense of trust, and you will be more willing to open and more willing to share.

This point, for brand awareness is not very high, it needs long-term accumulation.


Spelling value spelling content spelling quality spelling technology, whether it is positively related to users

Want to brush the screen, H5's creativity, topic selection, gameplay, interactive form, interface design, etc. are all essential, you have to have the desire to share.

Secondly, the impressed question bank copy, the test results, and the description of the transition are the core skeletons that support the entire H5, allowing users to participate in the communication without pleasure, and will not bring negative comments to themselves.

In addition, the things that test the class itself are "related to me." In addition to the fun, creative, and cool form of H5 itself, there is a very important communication element that is to generate interesting personally-labeled images into personal symbols.

When the user shares in the circle of friends, whether it will have a positive impact on the user's own image.


The brand's implantation is not enough enough to be effective.

Turn test traffic into a fan of the brand. Brand implants are sophisticated and must be imported.


Time for money, continuous trial and error summary

Explosives are never successful if you do it once. Even if you have these essential elements, you have to rely on luck.

But when you keep thinking about creativity, playing content, using technology, spreading, and failing, in the process of constantly trying, overthrowing, and coming back, summing up the rules and forming a methodology, I believe that the explosion will one day also be spent. Falling into your home.


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