How much does it cost to develop a small program in Shenzhen?



How much does it take to develop a small program? It depends on what kind of small program you are doing.
What are your requirements for the function, framework, positioning, interaction, and UI of the applet?




Then confirm that you want to do a small program, these are the main expenses of a small program:

Basic certification fees, icon design fees, design development costs, domain name costs, server costs, and advanced feature development.

Today I will focus on the cost of design development.

These need to be communicated in advance with third-party service providers.
Develop a small program, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The price list is listed below:

The first, set of template applet - the price is relatively low, generally thousands to 10,000
The characteristic is: generally need to charge annually. If some functions can't meet your needs, you can do custom development on the basis of the template. Compared to fully custom development, the operation is simple, convenient, low price, short development time, and can be launched in a week or so.


Second, buy source code - the price is medium, usually around 1-2 million.
The characteristics are: convenient, able to go online quickly; the most important thing is that you have the small program source code forever, no need to pay the annual fee. And you can use the source code to develop countless small programs without re-payment. But not necessarily able to buy the appropriate source code, if there is a suitable source code, then this method is the most cost-effective and most secure.


The third, custom development - the price is relatively high, generally 10,000 to tens of thousands
Features are: unique, with permanent use rights, the function is customized according to your requirements, the service is also in place
But the price is relatively high, and the basic cost of the customized version ranges from 10,000 yuan to hundreds of thousands.

Generally, third-party service providers have the following three methods to choose from.

Post-operational maintenance and update costs.


Like all APPs, the applet is constantly updated and iterated. It requires special personnel to operate and maintain. The general maintenance and update costs only account for one-tenth of the development cost. Maintenance includes small program bug fixes, regular server maintenance, system security maintenance, and more.



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