How to plan and execute a fission activity?12



Here are a few more practical buffers:

Invite 3 people to get a lucky draw and get a chance to win a grand prize. If you have not won, you can continue to invite friends, the top 3 of the event list directly get the gift.

Third, the event poster

1. The benefits should be clear. The poster should clearly write about the benefits of participating in this activity, such as: Great gift picture, new product test, honor, koi, good luck, possession of this gift can bring direct improvement to life. Promote...

In short, it is necessary to directly attack the user's psychology, and it must be clear and clear, it can directly enhance the user's desire to participate in the activity, and it is also the driving force for the user to pull new.


2. A sense of urgency The deadline for the event should be highlighted on the poster and can be shortened as appropriate. For example: 24 hours to delete; the number of gifts is extremely limited; expired tomorrow night;

These vocabulary will create a sense of urgency for the user to invisibly, enhance their mobility, and promote the act of promoting and forwarding.



3. Authoritative testimony

Write a testimony of an authoritative person on the poster, or put on the head of the authority, even if it is only a small part, you can build a sense of trust in the minds of the fans, and there will be a sense of honor in the process of forwarding.

Fourth, the event copy

1. Insight into user psychology Most people use vocabulary such as free collars and XXX gifts when they write event titles or topic introductions.

If in the past few years, these words may be very attractive to users, but nowadays, after the users have seen and participated in various activities, they are almost immune to these words, knowing that all activities are There is a threshold, and if you participate in it, you may not be able to actually receive the gift.



If you can see the psychology of the fans, replace the copy with:

Win the Super Koi Award, maybe you are there; there are already 359 small partners who have received XXX gifts;

These descriptions will be more visual, and also say that everyone's mind is "not afraid of 10,000 is afraid of the case", so it will bring much more irritating than free-collar.

2. Meet the user's settings

At present, more than 80% of users are pulling new channels, all from social networks. If you can't deeply understand the psychological demands of people in the social environment, it is difficult for you to gain a foothold in social pull.

For most young people: Free is definitely not as good as the new product experience officer; the award is definitely not as interesting as finding a koi; sending information is definitely not as powerful as sharing the competitiveness of the workplace;

It is important to know that the circle of friends is an important channel for users to maintain their designs. Due to the pressure of the image, few people will be willing to be occupied by various free vocabulary words in their circle of friends. Therefore, in other words, Give the user a step, the effect will inevitably get twice the result with half the effort.



3. Help users think about forwarding copywriting

The user is lazy and even lazy than you think.

In fact, after many users see your activity, there is a desire to forward, but after thinking for a long time, I have never thought of the copy of the circle of friends, so I ran aground. For operations, if you are blocked by this step, it is really a shame.

For example, they will not take the initiative to click on the wide-point advertising below, and will not take the initiative to look at it, and will not take the initiative to write a message. This shows that the probability of their active forwarding of friends circle will be?



If you want to avoid this happening, you can try to help the fans to forward the copy of the circle of friends, add it to the last sentence of the event description, fans can read and copy directly. In this case, the entire process can be achieved in one go, reducing the loss rate by at least 30%.

Our work in operation itself is to think of various possibilities and to remove all the obstacles that will arise in the process. It is this detail after another that makes the results a world of difference.



In the world of operators, the attraction of tweets, posters, and rules of activity is a symbol of your ability. This means that you can firmly grasp the user's psychology, win the trust of the fans, and gain results with half the effort. You can also get through the second line of the governor and grow from an [activity execution] to an excellent event planning. 】.


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